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Do Sign I Will Follow!

>> Thursday, October 29, 2009

an object that does not talk controls human
a discipline perhaps just in the mind
it is a psychological upbringing
something to be trained of following…
>> Neldy Jolo ‘>
A sign at parking lot outside Sandakan Airport
When was arriving from Zamboanga, Sulu Darul Islam


A Moment Of Truth!

this light may bring hope…
a snap of moment to lead to truth…
i am of what i am because of the truth…
somehow Sulu will rise forth…

>> Neldy Jolo ‘>
An evening scene at Sulu Capitol Hill Park,
Patikul, Sulu Darul Islam


Writer Is Not Born!

i was taught like this...
but i was not that good...
i learn to touch the pen...
but i write not a novel...
only that i can remember...
the thing that writing is something...
indeed writer is not naturally born to mean a thing...

>> Neldy Jolo '>
Former MNLF-Sulu Mujahidin who chooses not a gun but a pen
Taken at Sandakan City on October 27, 2009


Getting Together Is Fun!

>> Friday, October 2, 2009

getting together is better
knowing each other is migthier
telling the truth while talking
i am but a simple soul-hunting lover..!
>> Neldy Jolo '>
Tausug children getting together to face the lovely world
At Takut-Takut, Jolo, Sulu Darul Islam
March 2009


The Fresh Air?

i wanto to inhale the fresh air
i want to listen a good hear
i want to see the sea glitter
i want to know who is standing by here
i want to witness the tausug dear!
>> Neldy Jolo ' >
Jambangan City Boulevard, Sulu Darul Islam
August 4, 2007


I Am A Diver of Coins

i am pearl diver then...
i am but a coin diver at present
isn't a challenge to get to my origin..?
i am diver and a tausug citizen
let me choose my way
i am a tausug...i am a tausug..!
>> Neldy Jolo '>
Sulus Bajau diver, Sulu Sea at the front of Jolo Wharf
Jolo Walled City, Sulu Darul Islam
Aboard aship bound for Bongao...
April 2009


Duyan Sug: Taste Like A Heaven

kung-kung duyan
kung masa duyan
pa dahun-dahun hupi
pa ugbusan bangti
bangti uwa-uwa...
taste like a heaven
smell like hell
eating this you can see angel
sniffing this you can let go evil...
never to be found somewhere...
only in jolo my dear..!
>> Neldy Jolo '>
Duyan Sug at Jolo Wharf, Sulu Darul Islam
Aboard ship bound for Bongao, Sulu
April 2009


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